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Ambassador Court

  • 1000978752_2_644x461_4-bedroom-all-ensuite-mansion-in-ambassadors-court-at-rimpa-estate-add-some-photos
  • mbassadors-court-at-rimpa-estate-houses-apartments-for-sale
  • 1000978752_4_644x461_4-bedroom-all-ensuite-mansion-in-ambassadors-court-at-rimpa-estate-real-estate
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  • This is a total of six (6), four bedroom mansionettes for sale
  • The  price is at 15.6 m with solar panels installed and 15.4m without solar panels.
  • they are located on 1/8 acre
  • All-ensuite 4 bedroom spacious houses with an open kitchen overlooking the Dinning Area…