Investment Consultancy

Investment in Real estate is a specialized field that needs expert advice and guidance to mitigate against avoidable risks. The dynamics in the national economy and competing industries and investment vehicles affect factors in the property market. A Property portfolio that was bringing viable returns 5 or 10 years ago could today not be a viable investments.

We give guidance on viable options open to investors in the Real Estate industry on ways to optimize returns on investments.

Types of Consultancy

1. Development Consultancy

Before a developer starts developing his Land, it is important to get professional advice on what is the best development for his land. We advise on the type of development and returns on investment.

Many developers invest on the wrong property and end up squandering their money. Avoid this by engaging professionals with Richland Properties Ltd.

2. Portfolio Consultancy

There are people with several properties yet these properties do not bring them the desired or expected returns. As professionals we analyse the properties and make recommendations on what to do for the owner to realize best returns.

3. Individual Investment Consultancy

An individual with cash for investment needs guidance on what best to put their money in. As professionals we are aware of the market and therefore in a good position to guide you on what properties to invest in.


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