Land Adjudication

Land plays an integral part in the socio-economic lives of people in this part of the world. Unfortunately this important resource (Land) is governed and regulated by a complex myriad of Statutes whose practical application is a bureaucratic and legal challenge to many even to those with formal legal training.

Our experience, knowledge of the Statutes, Administrative procedures in the Real Estate industry comes in handy for our clients for purposes of Adjudication, Administration and Registration of Land.

We undertake on, behalf of our clients, subdivisions, acquisition of Land Title Deeds, Leases (new or extensions), adjudication of unsurveyed land, change of User etc.

Many people or families have land without Titles. Some want to subdivide the land between family members. We provide professional services to help families and individuals in such situations and facilitate subdivision of the land and acquisition of Titles. This automatically make the Land more valuable and ready for development.


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