Sales and Rental Agency

Real-estate Sales and Rental Agency
We market properties for Sale and Letting for and on behalf of Landlords or legal Trustees. We identify suitable properties for those seeking properties to buy or rent. Richland Properties, with years experience and knowledge of the property market, is the ideal link for sellers, buyers, landlords and potential tenants.


Real Estate Appraisals/Valuations and Rental Assessments
For those seeking to know the market value or rental value of their properties, we provide Valuation and Rental Assessment Reports…more

Feasibility Study

Feasibility/Viability Studies for Proposed Developments and/or Existing Properties

Prudent Property owners or developers need Feasibility Studies before undertaking proposed Real Estate Projects. Our extensively researched reports will guide developers on the viability of the projects. The same Feasibility Reports can be used to source finance and/or development partners.

Investment Consultancy

Real Estate Investment Consultancy & Portfolio Management
Investment in Real estate is a specialized field that needs expert advice and guidance to mitigate against avoidable risks. The dynamics in the national economy and competing industries and investment vehicles affect factors in the property market. A Property portfolio that was bringing viable returns 5 or 10 yrs ago could today not be a viable investments…more

Project Management

Real Estate Development Proposals/Consultancy & Project Management Services
Even after the feasibility of a proposed project is established, the undertaking of the Development process may determine the success or otherwise of the final products.

Richland Properties Project Management team incorporates various professionals to ensure an efficient development process to achieve the developer’s/Investor’s investment goals and objectives.

Land Adjudication

Land Adjudication, Administration & Registration Services

Land plays an integral part in the socio-economic lives of people in this part of the world. Unfortunately this important resource (Land) is governed and regulated by a complex myriad of Statutes whose practical application is a bureaucratic and legal challenge to many even to those with formal legal training…more