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When looking for a house in Kenya, chances of getting anxious during the process are normally high. Don’t let it get to a point where you are losing sleep or feeling frustrations from the thought of finding a new home. If you want to move without stress, prepare yourself in advance to avoid making a rushed decision then end up regretting it.

Use the following tips to make your hunting easy.

  1. The Must Haves – Before you embark on the process of house hunting, you must have a clear picture of what should be included in the house you are looking for. These are the things you cannot compromise on. Remember it’s not easy to get a perfect house, therefore have a priority list consisting of 3 things that you must have in your potential new home. This could be the distance to your work place, social amenities, size of the house, the location, number of bedrooms etc. If you are moving to a rental, come up with two separate lists: one with the must-haves and another one with “luxuries” such as an open plan kitchen. The more specific you are about the main priorities, the faster you will get a place to stay in.
  2. Have a Budget – Always keep in mind that when you are moving, rent isn’t the only expense you will incur. Moving attracts other expenses too like moving expenses, utilities, service charge, security etc. It is advisable to have a budget in mind. The danger of not having a budget is you could end up spending more on rent. Stick to your budget.
  3. Hunt Online – You can’t compare the convenience of looking for a house online with that of walking door to door. Searching for a house provides you detailed descriptions, house prices, images and someone who will readily answer any questions you might have.
  4. Work with an Agent – Searching for a new house can be a daunting task. Engage licensed real estate agencies because they are in a better position to give you more options of houses to look at. If the stress of house hunting is getting to you, a professional agent will do most of the work for you and try get you something that suits your needs. When looking for an agent to work with, consider these qualities; someone who is readily available (on phone, email, text, etc.), someone who has a vast knowledge on the location you are looking to move to, someone who is honest.
  5. Be Flexible – If you get a house but it doesn’t fit the checklist you created, you can always compromise and settle for something if it’s within your budget and in the location you want. Be flexible enough to realize that there is no perfect house and you might have to settle on what is available. For instance, getting a house with constant water supply is a basic amenity that most people look for when house hunting. If possible, speak to the neighbors and find out if they experience any water problems.





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