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Tips for first-time renters in Kenya:

Location – People have various reasons as to why they are looking for a house to rent. Depending on your reason for relocation, gather enough information from reputable people about the neighborhood. Find out the security status of the area, amenities in the area, proximity to your office, transport system, rental rates and anything else that will guarantee a comfortable and convenient lifestyle in the long run.

Rent within you budget – Always consider your budget before deciding to rent a house. Never live beyond your means to avoid subjecting yourself to financial constraints. It is also advised to ensure that you have at least three-month rent stashed away somewhere in any case you experience some unforeseen financial setbacks. Your rent will be secured for three months and you can use that period to regain your financial stability.

Research on the complex – After you have identified the house you want to rent, you need to talk to the neighbors living in the complex to find out more about the living conditions in that property such water supply, repair and maintenance, service charge, security etc.
Speak to several people, get different opinions before making a decision.

Know your landlord – What kind of a person is your potential landlord? Is he the discourteous type who’d bang on your doors at midnight demanding for rent before the due date? Does he comply to the stated contractual terms i.e. refunding the deposit in case a tenant is relocating, fix repairs on time, issuing an advance notice in case there’s an increase in the rental rates or service charge?

Inspect the house – Once you’ve selected a unit you like, take time to inspect the condition of the house and asked the landlord to fix any repairs before you move in.

Read & understand your lease – Ensure you read the lease thoroughly and understand what every clause means before you put your signature on any document.


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