110 serviced plots of 1/8 Acre each
Water reservoir with water fountain and falls, colored tilapia fish, rowing boats, picnic area with kids playing ground & gazebos.

Need something built?
1 bedroom maisonette
2 bedroom maisonette
3 bedroom maisonette
two semidetached 3 bedroom maisonette
4 bedroom Executive town house.

Building a pergola with a BBQ area
Ornamental gardens with back yard farms interconnected to fish ponds
Recreation activities such as quad biking, cycling, jogging, e.t.c
Mini green house with drip pipes for vegetables
Bio gas from the farm animals
Organic Farming:
Multi layered farming in-cooperating permaculture. To have plants like avocado, passion fruit, pawpaw, maize and sorghum, strawberry, eggplant, tomatoes, lavender, rosemary e.t.c
Mixed farming. Also keeping of animals such as cows, sheep, goats, rabbits & poultry like chicken, geese, quails, pigeons e.t.c
Aquaponics system: To use tilapia and catfish with vegetable plants.

Your Gateway to a peaceful Life.

Property Features

  • Access roads
  • Drainage system
  • Electricity supply
  • Solar street lighting
  • Water supply